Watts & Fisher is an early-stage innovation company in mineral processing. It has achieved laboratory-scale proof of concept for a simpler and cleaner way to process critical minerals. It aims to significantly lower the capital cost of a processing plant, and to reduce the environmental impact of extracting the raw materials for the green transition. 

Our technologies

Our technologies centre on offering an alternative to the 'sulphuric acid route' for processing critical minerals

The 'sulphuric acid route' for processing critical minerals is a slow and dirty process that adds chemical sulphates to the environment and is high in capital cost.

Our flagship dissolution process uses a less toxic and recyclable solution to dissolve ores rapidly and directly into solution.  

Our downstream process uses a simple set of steps to purify the target elements with less chemical waste.

Partner with us

Watts & Fisher is seeking partners for scaling up its core technology 

Our company is seeking to accelerate the development of its core technology by forming enterprising partnerships with:

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27 May 2024

We're very happy to announce we have been accepted into the National Energy Transition Accelerator, a Trailblazer initiative of Curtin University in collaboration with University of Queensland and James Cook University.