Partner with us

Watts & Fisher is actively seeking opportunities to accelerate the development of its technology through partnerships. If you'd like to collaborate with us or if we can assist you, please contact us at


Our technology is designed to benefit mining projects by offering an alternative to the 'sulphuric acid route' that is significantly lower in capital cost and produces lower volumes of chemical waste. Our aim is to unlock value for our partners by enabling reliable, green, and cost-effective processing.


Our company has in place a commercialisation and development plan that maximises value for investors, offers a clear competitive advantage to end-users, and achieves a great outcome for the environment. It plans to offer investors strategic leverage over the critical minerals market and a hedge against the failure of large projects using conventional technology.

Institutions of applied research and private laboratories

We are seeking discussions with partners who may offer applied research and technical support for scaling up our technology to a pilot plant.